“I have never seen or done that before”

As I mentioned before, Papua New Guinea is the land of the unexpected. With over 800 languages and a rapidly changing culture, new experiences are bound to happen. Being married to a Papua New Guinean brings new aspects to our married life as well. The typical stories of growing up in the states have a whole new perspective as Jay tells of his unique childhood … Continue reading “I have never seen or done that before”

God’s Rich Kisses of Goodness

  A Hershey kiss- a rich, creamy drop of velvety chocolate, melting in your longing mouth and filling your senses with explosive flavor. I was gifted with a delicious bag filled with multiple little chocolate kisses on the day of my wedding. I have to say the kiss I received that day was more explosive, but I have been enjoying these little treasures of goodness … Continue reading God’s Rich Kisses of Goodness