“I have never seen or done that before”

As I mentioned before, Papua New Guinea is the land of the unexpected. With over 800 languages and a rapidly changing culture, new experiences are bound to happen. Being married to a Papua New Guinean brings new aspects to our married life as well. The typical stories of growing up in the states have a whole new perspective as Jay tells of his unique childhood … Continue reading “I have never seen or done that before”

“You’re gonna do that…in HERE???!!!”

4/15/2018 That Sunday started off as any typical day, with Jayson and I preparing for morning church services. At the time, Jayson and I were staying in a missionary guest house in Mt. Hagen, an ever busy city a few hours from Jayson’s village. Brilliant sun rays poured over our faces as we stepped outside the guest house. A few white clouds danced across the … Continue reading “You’re gonna do that…in HERE???!!!”